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As a succesful private lender, we value our broker relationships. We know that you and your clients need us to be responsive and solution oriented. We also know that relationships are built on “give and take”, you bring us a client with a deal, we can help you finance it, you bring us a deal without a client, and we will work with you to try and find the right investor. A good deal should never be passed over, especially in this market and once a deal is done, everyone should leave the table happy and properly compensated.


Reach out today to work with the PROJECTUM CAPITAL’s team as an approved broker and get access to a full range of nationwide Mortgage Programs & Products.


When you submit an application with your unique loan scenario, a Projectum Capital loan officer will get back to  you within 24 hours. Our team of knowledgeable, professional, and experienced loan officers will provide a mortgage program that will effectively finance your client's property.

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The PROJECTUM CAPITAL's team ensures broker protection for all current and future business.


  • Broker Loyalty

    When you become a PROJECTUM CAPITAL preferred broker, you’re broker fees are protected as well as your existing client relationships.

  • Hassle-Free Applications

    The PROJECTUM CAPITAL team works fastidiously to provide a hassle free, quick, process for all deals. Brokers should be aware that the pre-approval process can happen within 24 hrs and closed in two weeks time.

  • Direct Hard Money Lender

    PROJECTUM CAPITAL is a direct hard money lender, which allows us to provide funds quickly and easily. Through our trusted partners, we oversee the underwriting stage, ensuring everything happens in-house.

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The PROJECTUM CAPITAL's team is a group of experienced, dedicated, and educated loan officers, who believe in providing the best possible financing for all prospective borrowers. We pride ourselves on always taking care of our Brokers, creating a compensation breakdown for their involvement on a loan.


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